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Om-1004-Hpa Ormus Minerals Homeopathic Allium Cepa - Red Onion


Allium cepa - Cropped

Common Names: Onion; red onion.

General Information

Allium cepa (All-c.) is a key remedy for either infectious or allergic coryza (catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose). The person may be sleepy, find it difficult to concentrate, or feel foggy with the coryza. Symptoms are worse in the evening and in warm rooms, and are improved by open air. All-c also relieves phantom pains following amputation, especially when they feel thread-like or neuralgic. Those needing Allium cepa may especially like onions, something of interest with All-c being the potentised version of onion.


  • Hay fever.
  • Watery discharge from nose and eyes.
  • Acrid, burning, excoriating discharge from nose but bland, watery discharge from eyes.
  • Symptoms worse in evening and warm rooms; better for open air.
  • Sleepiness and difficult concentration with allergies.


  • Colds that move downwards to the larynx or chest. (Note: Inappropriate or overuse of Allium cepa can cause head colds to go to the chest. (If there has been no improvement in symptoms, do not use this remedy beyond 4 doses.)
  • Sensation of rawness in nose.

Mental-Emotional Symptoms

  • Dull thinking and sleepiness.
  • Difficult concentration.

 Eye Problems

  • Bland, watery discharge from eyes during cold or hay fever.

Throat Problems

  • Pain in larynx on coughing.
  • Grasps throat on coughing.

Heel and Limb Problems

  • Friction Injuries to heels from rubbing shoes.
  • Blisters on heels.
  • Phantom pains or neuralgia in amputation stumps.


  • Worse in warm rooms and better in open air.
  • Worse when eyes closed.

For Pets

  • Hay fever symptoms.
  • Repeated sneezing.
  • Cat flu with streaming eyes and nose.

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Allium Cepa - Red Onion Imprinted Ormus

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INGREDIENTS: Structured Filtered Water, ORMUS Concentrate from Dead Sea Salt, Other Salts, Atlantic Ocean Water & Allium Cepa - Red Onion






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