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Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

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Diatomaceous Earth
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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade





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Do you know the diatomaceous earth health benefits?

To start with, diatomaceous earth is basically the skeletal remnants of diatoms, which is a kind of algae having hard shells, residing under the surface of water and acting as a source of food to most aquatic life.

Diatomaceous earth mainly made of silica. The supplements made from diatomaceous earth are purified using acids to remove metal oxides such as calcium, magnesium and aluminum.

This results into pure silica. These supplements are outstanding in helping you clean and detoxify your small intestines.

The diatomaceous earth supplements are able to improve the appearance and health of your hair, skin, nails and teeth.

In fact, with no sufficient constant supply of silica, your skin is very susceptible to wrinkles and dryness; again your nails and hair become brittle and can split easily. Silica is available in the earth as well as your body.

As you grow older, silica usually depletes from your body. However, consuming diatomaceous earth supplements assist in replenishing the levels of silica.

Silica is among the very important minerals for proper functioning of your body. It is no harm in taking excessive amounts of silica though your body will absorb as much as it requires and naturally remove the rest.

The other benefit of diatomaceous earth supplements is helping your body to protect itself and treat infections, including osteoporosis which causes the bones to develop weakness and brittleness.

The essential calcium is prevented from leeching out of the bones by the help of silica in diatomaceous earth supplements, this ensures that the bones stay thick and strong. It can also help in relieving pain.

It assists in the maintaining of supple cartilage, improving the health of joints on top of increasing the strength of the tendon and connective tissues.

Ormus Minerals Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is simply one out of the many silica supplements and diatomaceous earth that have been particularly formulated together with different kinds of silica required by your body so as to maximize the benefits.

There are many diatomaceous earth health benefits with no negative side effects. In addition to already mentioned benefits, it also improves the ability of your body to absorb and utilize the major nutrients.

Other diatomaceous earth health benefits includes improving the cardiovascular system, assisting the digestive system to detoxify the excess wastes especially from the stomach and colon and naturally removing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and heavy metals such as iron, lead and mercury which can be very harmful to the body.

The supplements from diatomaceous earth also stimulate the production of collagen, helping to renew the tone and elasticity of your skin. These supplements are wholly natural and do not have any negative effects even if you use them with other medicines.

They are odorless and tasteless; therefore they can easily mix in water consequently helping in hydration as well. The electric and magnetic properties of silica in diatomaceous earth supplements are

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